On Car Ferry from Valdez to Whittier, then Drive to Seward

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

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Up early today to catch the car ferry MV Bartlett, providing service for the Trans Alaskan Marine Highway, to Whittier.

The ferry ride was cool, and also included a side trip into Columbia Bay to view the Columbia Glacier, very close to where we went kayaking yesterday. The weather was overcast and it was absolutely freezing cold up on deck. Still it was worth being on deck to view the monstrous icebergs we were navigating through, and occasionally hitting - with a loud clang - some of the smaller ones.

At Whittier, there was not much to see - just a bunch of shops for tour operators and a very ugly concrete military building. So we didn't spend too much time there and headed out to our next destination, Seward.

The Seward Highway was another spectacular drive. Mountains, lakes and glaciers almost everywhere you looked.

We arrived in Seward in the late afternoon and checked out all the camping spots. As we pulled in to Miller's Landing, we were surprised to hear our names being called from one of the tent sites! It was Lynsey and Arnoud, who had arrived the day before. We decided to camp with them at Miller's Landing, and hang out together for a few days.

Dinner consisted of some huge pizza and gyros calzone served up at the (surprisingly good) Apollo 2 cafe.

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Prodigeous numbers of icebergs calve off the Columbia Glacier and
flow into the shipping channels of Price William SoundIcebergs like this are huge floating islandsAbundant waterfalls cascade into Price William Sound near WhittierDramatic glaciers tower over port townshipsKeiko and her best friend, Smokey The Bear

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