Dia de Independencia: Oaxaca Villahermosa

Latitude 17.06477°N Longitude 96.72417°W

Monday, September 16, 2002

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In the morning we checked out and I walked to Alamo to pick up our rental car. Most of the city streets were closed for processions and it was hell driving the car back to the hotel. But finally we got everything loaded up and set off for Villahermosa.

The drive first took us into the remote northern mountains of Oaxaca where tiny communities lived. Then we descended from the highlands into intense heat and humidty at Tuxtepec which persisted as we crossed into Tabasco and reached Villahermosa. All up we drove 675km and were on the road for about 10 hours. Being exhausted from the long drive, we ate dinner at the first place we saw in town, VIPS (a Denny's clone), and stayed the night in a very comical, yet luxurious, "AUTO HOTEL Villa Magna" which we later discovered was a Mexican version of the Japanese "love hotel". We had to agree: the very shagadelic bed and 360 panoramic mirrors were certainly "Magna" and successfully transformed us into porn stars for the night. (Sorry, images not available :-)

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