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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

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Visited La Venta Parque-Museo in the morning. We discovered ancient stone carvings dating back to the Olmec civilization in a lush tropical jungle setting. The heat and humidity was stifling.

We then set off for Campeche, which we reached around 7pm. Drove 381km.

At Campeche stayed at the somewhat historical Hotel Colonial, which was once the mansion of Dona Gertrudis Eulalia Torostieta y Zagasti, former Spanish governor of Tabasco and Yucatan. The town is a maze of tiny cobblestone streets and quaint photogenic houses. Very likeable place. Gorgeous sunsets.

Went for a walk and got apprehended by a titanic thunderstorm that flooded the town. The water was up to our knees! When the waters subsided we went to see the evening light and sound show at the ancient fort surrounding the town.

I went to eat dinner later on at the Restaurant Campeche. Good food.

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Keiko with ancient Olmec stone carvingStill can't see what he's looking at...Steet scene at CampecheCampeche street lifeChurch bells at sunset, CampecheCobblestoned avenue at sunset
Dramatic Campeche sunset

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