Bzios, Brazil

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Thursday, April 10, 2003

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Just as we were preparing to spend our final days in Brazil in frantic pursuit of last minute attractions - such as at Parati and Ouro Prto - we were rescued by a surprise email from our Aussie friends Tim & Jen who we had last seen in La Paz, Bolivia. They had spent over a month in Rio and had now escaped from the city's hustle and bustle to the tiny beach resort town of Bzios, a few hours up the coast. The way they described it to us, it would be the perfect way to finish up Brazil and South America, so before long we were on our way to meet them.

Bzios was a great discovery, every bit as charming as Tim & Jen had described. Its claim to fame was having been "discovered" by Brigitte Bardot back in the 1960's, an event which transformed the former sleepy fishing village into the trendy resort it is today. The town is located on a peninsula surrounded on all sides by numerous sandy beaches. The town center is full of cobblestone alleys and quaint shops and boutiques and restaurants serving delicious meals. On our first evening we had a simply spectacular dinner at the aptly named "Brigitta's Restaurant", sitting at a candle-lit table overlooking the ocean where lightning from distant storms played all night.

The primary mode of transport in Bzios is the trusty dune buggy, so we hired one out for a few days to explore all the nearby beaches. Driving around the peninsula one had the curious feeling like we were on an island. The most popular beaches are all well developed and lined with deck chairs where you can be served lobsters, oysters, grilled prawns or anything else you desire.

In the evenings we'd return to town and after dinner relax at this fantastic bar we discovered called the Zulu Lounge, where invariably we'd consume vast amounts of alcohol, or their specialty - espresso caf laced with Cointreau.

As our remaining days in Brazil quickly drew to an end, we had ample opportunity to bask in the sun and reflect on all the amazing places our travels have taken us so far. We were on budget and forecast we could continue traveling for at least another full year - if we could survive it! Our plans from here are to fly to America for a short stay (to take care of some business), and then continue on to the United Kingdom where the grand adventure would resume. Join us there!

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Cooling off on Praia TartarugaGetting around town in our cool buggyLife still a beach at Praia do Forno!Praia AzedaTim, Jen, Nico & Keiko on Praia Joo FernandesOur last day in South America!

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