Timbuktu, Mali

Latitude 16.77527°N Longitude 3.01184°W

Friday, June 13, 2003

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Morning, Timbuktu6:04am, TimbuktuMorning in TimbuktuMorning in TimbuktuOur accomodation in Timbuktu: the rooftop of Hotel BouctouIt's time to rise and shine
Tim waits for room service to bring up the champagneNico enjoys a luxurious shave with a great viewThe great mud-brick mosque of TimbuktuPrayer area for females in the Timbuktu mosquePrayer mats inside the Timbuktu mosquePortal to a mud-brick dwelling
Tim dresses up with a Tuareg tribesmanChildren in TimbuktuA Tuareg elder prepares tea, before business commencesThe tea is poured and drunk three times, each time it gets sweeterThe merchants prepare their wares in traditional styleLet the fierce haggling begin!
Preparing the camels for the trip into the SaharaWe traveled to the camp of a Tuareg family, 10km into the desertOur host Tuareg family camp in the SaharaTea in the Sahara is preparedWe slept out on the sand, under the starsLeaving Timbuktu...

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