Kithira, Greece

Latitude 36.17993°N Longitude 23.00039°E

Thursday, August 14, 2003

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Old dwelling, Kato LivadiAt Dad's cottage in Kato LivadiNick, Keiko, George, Terry, Nami and Alisa at Agios GeorgosViewpoint from the church of Agios Georgos Sto VounoAgios Georgos Sto VounoAgios Georgos Sto Vouno
The roof of the house we stayed in in MylopotamosNick take a dip in the freshwater springs at MylopotamosTerry on his daily fig runFigs ready for pickingTempted?Alisa reflects on how delicious Kytherian figs are!
Terry, Nami and Alisa at the town of HoraView of Hora from the ancient Venetian castleKapsaliVine leaves ready to be turned into dolmadesAlisa expertly helps with the grape pickingPomegranite
Kaladi beachSundowner drinks at the cottage in Kato Livadi with Terry, Keiko and AdamFiri Amos beachDad napping at Firi Amos beachOlive groves, Kato LivadiHalkos beach
Beehives at Melidoni beachA wasp feasting on a drop of rich Kytherian thyme honeyFrom an age before refrigeratorsTeacher and pupil proudly present results of Greek cooking class
Kalisouni, aka Spanakopita (spinach & cheese pie)Keiko and one of our relatives, KiparisoulaCrystal clear water at Kombonada beach
A blissful equation: Nico + Lilo = ContentednessA dinner party with our cousins Stavros and ElliDiakofti port and beachAncient dwelling at Kato HoraThe Venetian lion motif on ancient building, Kato HoraRuins at ancient Venetian settlement, Kato Hora
Ancient Byzantine church, Kato HoraOld church at the ruins in Kato HoraDad, Keiko, Debbie and Radhika at Kato HoraTypical Greek cottage, HoraQuaint antique door knockerThe ruined castle at Hora
Keiko at the ruined castle, HoraAnother beach near KapsaliPicking fresh spinach from the garden for the next batch of spanakopitaThe spinach is lovingly hand washedWell on the way to another culinary triumphPreparing to make melintzanosalata (eggplant dip)
First step is to roast the eggplants, the rest is a secret!Dad blows out the candles on his 80th birthday!The birthday party was small by Greek standards
(Only the closest 30 friends and relatives came)Nico, Radhika, Debbie and Adam chill on Halkos beachWith a bottle of Gianniotis red, how could anyone go wrong?!Washing fluttering in the wind at the church in Hora
It's morning at the Rousso farmyardGligoria shows us where fresh goat's milk comes fromKeiko searches for fresh eggsEnough for breakfast?The tiny Agia Triada church, built by Nick's ancestors hundreds of years agoDebbie and Radhika light a candle in Agia Triada
Our cousin John Rousso, creator of the best ceramics on KytheraMaria Rousso hand paints every pieceThe Rousso Ceramics workshop in Kato LivadiWhat better way to finish off a long day at the beach?Greek sweets to die for!A hilltop church at Kapsali
Dad, Radhika, Debbie and Keiko at Diakofti

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