Kithira, Greece; Wine making

Latitude 36.17993°N Longitude 23.00039°E

Thursday, August 21, 2003

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Sun-ripened grapes, sweet and ready for picking!Dad and Keiko hard at workPanayoti and Dad picking grapesTaki loads up the cratesLuckily, Keiko isn't getting paid by the weight of the grapes she's picked!Grapes for wine making
Nico feeds a machine that mashes the grapesStirring the mashed grapesThe next day, the grapes are squeezed using a wooden pressPeople (and rocks) stand on the press to squeeze out the juiceThe sides of the press are removedAnd an ancient technique is employed
Keiko squashes the grapes with gusto!The grapes get stomped over and over againIt was quite a work out!Those sweet grapes were Toe Licking Good!The grape juice is strained through a wicker basket before collectionJohn reads the specific gravity of the grape juice to determine its sweetness
Keiko stirs a cauldron brewing a herbal wash for the insides of the barrelsMany aromatic herbs are used: thyme, basil, walnut & lemon tree leaves, and moreTaki and John pour the wash into the barrelsThe barrels are washed to prepare them for the grape juiceKeiko and one of next year's barrels of red wineKeiko takes a well-earned break!
John, the master winemaker!

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