Moscow, Russia

Latitude 55.70602°N Longitude 37.57618°E

Thursday, January 22, 2004

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Yeah, I know everyone is getting real sick of reading this, but I promise I'll add photos and verbiage soon!

Photos: (click on images to see full size)

An icon of Moscow: St. Basil's Church in Red SquareA frosty scene of the Kremlim and St. Basil's at Red SquareThe Kremlin and Lenin's tomb on Red SquareNico and Keiko bid you warm greetings from Red Square!
Hope you're warmer than we are!St. Basil's churchThe brightly painted wooden domes of St. Basil's
Guard duty at the KremlinKeiko poses next to the monstrous Czar Cannon at the Kremlin
(It has never been fired!)Inside a Russian Orthodox church at the KremlinIcons adorn the walls and ceilings of a Russian Orthodox churchGold domes decorate the roof of a Kremlin palaceThe Orthodox church housing the highest bell tower in Moscow
Statue of Dostoevsky outside the Lenin Biblioteka (library)A soaring monument to Yuri Gargarin, the first man in spaceOur gracious host Anatol at the popular hangout Pirogi'sMoscow street sign: 36 Leninskj ProspektScene at at the Cheremushkinskiy marketplaceLining up at a vegetable stall / truck!
A winter scene at the marketsVarious produce stalls at the marketsSnowy scene at the marketsAnatol haggles over the price of Uzbekistani riceThe friendly babushka at the dried fruits and nuts standA popular item: marinated shredded cabbage
Another popular item: red and black caviarOld lady sells freshly made butter and cheeseGlamour at a cafe in the upmarket GUM department store at Red SquareFur shawl, de rigeur apparel for the young and fashionable Muscovite femaleFur hat, de rigeur apparel for the well-to-do Muscovite babushka setIn Moscow, beautiful women in luxurious furs are a common sight
So, of course Keiko had to get fitted out in fur tooBalcony at the Bolshoi TheatreScene from Swan Lake performed by the Bolshoi BalletKeiko descends an endless escalator into the bowels of the Moscow MetroA lavishly decorated Metro station, a memento of Soviet design styleTypical Metro sign. Can you figure out what it says? (We couldn't either!)
Perhaps this Metro sign is more informative?A train rockets into the Park Kultury Metro stationCommuters swarm in and out of carriagesA scene in the Moscow MetroA scene in the Moscow MetroMetro user
Scenes on the Moscow Metro round midnightKeiko vs. BabushkasAn example of Stalinist-era architectureNico and Keiko with Anatol and friendsRiding in style on the night train to St. Petersburg
(Compare with the Bamako-Dakar train - Waypoint #103)

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