St. Petersburg, Russia

Latitude 59.92517°N Longitude 30.38833°E

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

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Coming soon.
PS: Keiko and I were not in Mosow during the recent bomb attack on the Metro. We are both OK in St. Petersburg.

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Morning at St. Petersburg railway stationThe huge Hotel Moscow, our home for the next 7 nightsThe Aleksandro-Nevskaya Monastery by a frozen canalFrozen neon sign is a hint as to how cold it wasWhich one is "Big Mac with fries"?!The beautiful architecture of the Church of the Ressurection of Christ
The Church of the Ressurection of Christ, lit up by colourful lights at nightSt. Petersburg's Neva River, an expanse of ice during winterA solitary fisherman braves the ice outside the Peter and Paul FortressAt the museum of rocketry and space researchNico with the Russian Luna-9 probe, which in 1964,
was the first man-made object to land on the moonThe icy expanse of the Neva River
Sheet ice on the river surface was like window pane glassEdible window pane glass, that isGingerly testing the thickness of the ice of the River NevaKeiko stands on the frozen Neva River at the Dvortsovy BridgeTour boat and ice fisherman, Neva RiverThe signature thin spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral of SS Peter and PaulThe Winter PalaceThe Russian coat of arms adorns the gates of the Winter PalaceInside the celebrated Hermitage MuseumSt. Isaac's CathedralInside St. Isaac's Cathedral
Inside St. Isaac's CathedralSt. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum by the frozen Neva RiverOh yes! Russian Beluga caviarPure self-indulgence!A Russian toast to everyone with caviar and vodka!The St. Petersburg Zoological Museum
Remains of a real 45,000 year old Siberian mammothAn intact 40,000 year old baby mammoth found preserved
in the frozen wastes of SiberiaHandicrafts made from tree barkBrightly lacquered matryoshka dolls at their finestA beautiful hand-painted matryoshka dollA beautiful hand-painted matryoshka doll
Russian dolls

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