Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland

Latitude 68.42868°N Longitude 27.41703°E

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

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Descending to the town of Ivalo in Lapland - 300km north of the Arctic CircleIvalo's frozen airportLynsey, Arnoud and Nico on arrival at IvaloIt's 1:30pm and that's as high as the sun will get today!A frozen signpost at SaariselkäA Lappish teepee known as a "kota"
Northern Lights dance across the sky in eerie shades of while, yellow and greenNorthern Lights (aurora borealis)Northern Lights (aurora borealis)Setting off for the day on a husky safariThe piercing blue eyes of a huskySledding in the back country of Saariselkä with our team of huskies
A journey through an unspoiled arctic wilderness of incredible beautyKeiko and our huskiesEntering the ice chappel at KakslauttanenNico and Keiko renew their vows?In the ice chappel, KakslauttanenIn the ice chappel, Kakslauttanen
Frozen rose in the ice chappel, KakslauttanenLady in traditional Lappish dress decorates the chappel for a weddingEntrance to the igloos where we spent one chilly nightInside it was a cool, constant -6°C!Nico turns in for the night in the -6°C igloo

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